Cup of Joe

I love my morning coffee.  I don’t think I’m unique to this phenomenon  but I often go to bed excited knowing that I’m only 8 to 9 hours away from a hot creamy cup of coffee.  Whats not okay is the creamer I put in my coffee.  Ive tried to stop, really I have.  I […]

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Belize Trip

Our first trips to Belize was June 2013, I say first as I know we will return again – if we decide to look past the buzzing and biting of Mosquitos and focus on the many highlights. In Ambergris Caye we used nearly every means of convenience to travel.  We arrived in a small commuter […]

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Marina Household Tip

For me its always a nightmare folding and keeping our bed linens organized. In our home we have a King size bed, a Queen bed and two doubles. Most of them are white sheets and hence my dilemma of keeping it all straight…until now. This is what I like to do, fold your sheets and […]

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