My Target Style

For those that know me… I definitely like my “high end” brands but mid-week with the kids, shuffling from school to car pool, to soccer practice, grocery stores, etc. I want to look pulled together a.k.a stylish yet I need to be comfortable, and if my little one wipes yogurt all over my top, I’m ok with it.  So as I find cool stuff I will post them here:

Some of my recent Target purchases that my friends have been asking me about:
  Animal print Espadrilles: These are super comfortable and I sized up half a size


  True to size Jisela loafers, collapsible back heel and the perfect shade of pink (I love the brown ones too).


 Sundry or Anthropologie have very similar t-shirts and this is super soft for $14.99 at Target. I’m wearing it today!!



$14.99 for these kids knock off of Native shoes, plus 20% off