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Marketing Process

Advertise and Market Your Home for Maximum Exposure

Let’s face it: purchase decisions are usually more emotional than logical. Your home will be evaluated as a “house” with the potential to become someone’s home. Therefore, it is important to not only price your home correctly from the start, but also to market your home to help as many potential buyers as possible to visualize themselves in the home.

All properties should get the same professional attention. Of course, with a more expensive property, there will be more to market.

Off Market Networking

In some cases, we begin to market the home before it goes on the MLS in the form of a “coming soon” listing. This is great for sellers who want privacy, and are not in a rush. There is a time and a place for this type of marketing and this technique should be considered on a case by case basis only.

Professional Photographs

Most buyers begin their search online and therefore professional quality photographs are essential. Use photos to entice visual buyers into a showing.


Here are a few basic hints to prepare for your photo shoot


  • Take photos of all the rooms.
  • Turn on all lights
  • close toilet seats
  • remove trash cans and any kitchen clutter


  • Important to emphasize yard and space.
  • Ensure lawn and gardens are fresh and well maintained
  • Remove all toys and extra items that may clutter the photograph


Having a professional video tour allows prospective buyers to view your home 24/7

Everything is going mobile today in real estate, and that means video needs to be at the forefront of any mobile strategy and fully integrated into your social media channels.



A sign on your lawn is a great way to attract the attention of your neighbors who are known to be a good source of cultivating additional interest to help sell your house.

Featured listings on numerous websites

According to a 2016 trends report from the National Association of Realtors, among all generations of home buyers, the first step in the home buying process is looking online for properties for sale. These also include the listing agent’s personal site and Brokers website.

Online Real Estate Websites

According to, Zillow and Trulia dominate with 83 million users as of April 2016, accounting for 64 percent of all real estate traffic. Second in line is followed by News Corp’s with 40 million unique users and traffic drops off significantly with and, holding fourth and fifth place.

Social Media Sites

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. If you want to take advantage of social media to help sell your home and you want your real estate agent to do the same – check to see whether he/she has a strong following for maximum impact.

Print Advertising

Comparatively speaking the ROI on print indicates it has become less effective as a means for selling your home. Print is best used in conjunction with social media marketing to help reinforce the messaging.

Direct Mail

An oversized postcard to announce to your neighbors that your home will be listed soon is a great idea – because everybody has friends and relatives who might want to move near them.

Open House

Open Houses

Offer the opportunity for interested locals to preview the home, and to qualify potential buyers.

Brokers Opens / Agent Networking

You want as many agents as possible to view your home and show it to their buyers. Hosting a Brokers Open allows agents to preview your home and should include “enticements” that appeal to selling agents (e.g., small sandwiches).


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